Childhood Speech & Language Center


We see clients between the ages of 18 months and 18 years with diagnoses including articulation disorders, autism, receptive and expressive language delays, phonological awareness disorders, fluency disorders, and language-based reading disabilities.

Individualized Speech Therapy
The cornerstone service of the Center is direct, intensive treatment of children to improve their speech and language skills. Based on the results of a speech and language evaluation, the Center’s therapists develop a treatment plan for the child in consultation with their parents and other therapists. Therapy is individualized in a 1:1 setting with each session usually lasting 30 minutes. Observation rooms are also available for parents and family members to observe each session. We pride ourselves in our ability to educate the parents so that the skills learned in our Center are carried over into the home and school environments.

Speech and Language Evaluation
An evaluation of a child’s speech and language development includes a review of medical and school records, interviews with parents and prior therapists, and diagnostic sessions with the child. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the speech and language skills of the child, determine if treatment is needed, and identify whether the child is an appropriate candidate for therapy at our clinic.