ASL Class Descriptions

American Sign Language (ASL) Classes at HASA prepare you to deepen relationships and build new ones by mastering conversational ASL basics.  ASL Classes at HASA will provide you with the proper articulation of ASL signs, which you’ll use in future interactions, as well as cultural tips (e.g., appropriate gestures and body language). Register here.

Class Descriptions

Beginning Conversational ASL 1

  • In this first class, you will learn the basics of sign articulation. Proper articulation will help you communicate with native users of the language. You will also learn how to produce the manual alphabet. ASL uses the same alphabet as English and words are spelled the same in both languages. This class wraps up with some grammatical tips, stressing smooth transitions from one sign to another, and linking signs together to effectively convey topics such as introducing yourself, exchanging personal information, discussing surroundings, and explaining where you live.

Beginning Conversational ASL 2

  • In this class, you will use all the sign execution skills learned in the Beginning Conversational ASL 1 class in real sentences. You will start with some basic information and a few rules. This class will move to common words and some easy sentences. Finally, you will try out these new skills to sign about the weather, basic numbers, your family, telling about activities, giving directions, and describing others.

Beginning Conversational ASL 3

  • The third class in the series starts with a review of a few key points, such as articulation and linking signs. Then, you will practice making your own simple sentences. All you will need to do is plug in the signs you need. Next, you will learn how to ask questions and additional simple sentence structures. Finally, you will learn some fun slang in addition to making requests, signing about family and occupations, attributing qualities to others, and discussing routines.

Beginning Conversational ASL 4

  • Whether it is your first time in this course, a repeat to refresh your skills, or because you simply wanted to maintain the language you learned in previous classes, this class fosters the needed practice to master the art of conversation while perfecting the finer points of ASL. Students learn through fun and varied ASL activities in this course to improve ASL skills. It’s an excellent way to take your language learning to the next level, maintain your current skills, and develop new ones. Students are encouraged to take this course multiple times.

Fun with ASL

  • This six-week class provides opportunities to have some introductory lessons in ASL for people who want to learn conversational ASL to deepen relationships or just for fun. You’ll find this course makes it easy and enjoyable for beginners to master the essentials of ASL. Throughout this course, you’ll gain cultural knowledge and learn useful conversational phrases and signs used in our local sign language communities. Language development in this class occurs through practice, interactive exercises, and dialogues. By the end of this course, you’ll have acquired enough basic conversational skills to be successful in basic conversations in ASL. This is achieved by drawing upon the alphabet, counting, common conversational signs, as well as emergency signs. This course is open to and encouraged for beginners.

ASL Fingerspelling

  • Fingerspelling (spelling out words by hand using the ASL manual alphabet) is an important part of ASL and a valuable tool if you do not know signs in ASL. You will also find an increase of fluency with your ASL execution after completing the fingerspelling lessons taught in this class. This is because proper nouns are fingerspelled in ASL and have been deemed to be part of the foundation of the language. This class will take you through fingerspelling practice sessions on various topics and you will leave the class understanding and executing the manual alphabet in ASL.

Children’s ASL (ages 5-12)

  • This basic ASL class is designed for children, ages 5-12, and begins by learning to fingerspell the alphabet and names. Signs for everyday activities and basic communication are taught through fun activities to reinforce the signs learned in class. Parents and guardians may learn alongside their child in this class for an additional nominal fee.

Baby & Toddler Sign Classes (ages 0-4)

  • This class is designed for children and their parent(s) to learn basic ASL signs together in a fun and relaxed environment.

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Customized ASL Classes and Workshops

Personalized ASL classes and workshops can be created and designed specifically for your needs. These can be held at HASA or in the community at a location of your choice. To start the this request process, complete the online Request Form for ASL Workshops and Classes and a team member will connect with you to finalize the event.