Our clients are diverse and have diverse needs. The priority focus areas for HASA include the following: 

  • EDUCATION – Three separate education programs (Gateway School, Educational Child Care Center, HASA PreK) provide students with the language-rich curriculum needed to establish a lifelong love of learning.
  • HEARING HEALTH – Noise-induced hearing loss and a lack of access to affordable hearing health care is a public health crisis. HASA provides affordable treatment options and hearing conservation programs throughout the community.
  • INCLUSION – Diversity in communication modalities is an important component of an inclusive society. HASA gives employers, schools, and others the tools they need to welcome communication diversity while also empowering individuals to communicate in the manner most effective for their communication needs (e.g. sign language, spoken English, augmentative or alternative communication systems).
  • LANGUAGE ACCESS – American Sign Language (ASL) is a critical and widely-used communication tool for the hearing and the Deaf community. HASA provides the interpreting, ASL education, and training needed to improve language access for all.
  • SPEECH & LANGUAGE – Intervention and treatment of speech and language conditions improve educational outcomes for children and have a tremendous impact on success in adult life. Therapeutic services are available to children and adults – both on our campus and in the community.