A Gateway Success: Giving Back to Gateway

It had been a while since S. stepped into Gateway School where he was a student for three years. Now 17, he returned to volunteer for Gateway’s summer program. “Volunteering is a good experience for young teenagers like me… I learned something interesting about the children who have a variety of different skills,” said S.

As HASA’s volunteer program grows, so does its connection to Gateway graduates who aim to reconnect with the program and its current students. Gateway School prepares students with special communication needs for the future.

As for S., he has big plans; “I’m planning to go to University R.I.T. to become a Deaf Lawyer/advocate… the deaf community in the whole United States of America needs support in… searching for jobs.” But Gateway hasn’t seen the last of him; “I’ll visit Gateway. You can call me if you want me to come help Gateway kids. That will be great for the children and me!”