CIRS Cares

CIRS works to connect people to their worlds and is committed to connecting our community – including individuals who use sign language (clients), interpreters, customers, and our employees – to resources required to promote access, inclusion, and equity. CIRS is intensely dedicated to philanthropy, gratitude, and community service and has created the CIRS CARES program that puts this mission into practice.

CIRS CARES aims to assist others to plan, implement, and evaluate meaningful engagement with those not traditionally engaged in sign language interpreting. In addition, CIRS CARES aims to improve the participation of marginalized people in the Deaf community and works with community partners to consider how to increase participation of various groups, including people who prefer to communicate in sign language.

CIRS CARES provides practical guidance in reducing communication barriers. Moreover, it involves d/Deaf people in learning how to recognize and respond to them because often d/Deaf have not traditionally been engaged in planning interpreting services. This fosters meaningful engagement with marginalized populations and CIRS strives to make a positive impact and appreciates your support.

CIRS offers:

  1. Pro bono interpreting services to those in need in order for those individuals to be connected to important programs and services when funding is a barrier (funerals, mental health and legal services, political and cultural events).
  2. Professional development to interpreters, and up-and-coming interpreters, to ensure the highest quality of service with the goals of providing a pathway to certification, continuing professional development for certified interpreters, and creating a network of mentors/mentees to allow for constant professional growth throughout the professional lifespan.
  3. Event sponsorships to local and state organizations.

For more information please contact our team by phone 410.318.6780 x200 or email