Hearing Loss in Children

Pediatric Audiology Services

HASA audiologists are experts at working with babies and children. Our audiologists meet the highest level of professional certification including graduate degrees from top-level universities. HASA is equipped with two sound-proof booths for the most precise audiology testing/diagnosis, and our state-of-the-art equipment includes sophisticated ABR (auditory brainstem response) equipment for performing accurate hearing tests on babies and young children who cannot be tested behaviorally. Equally important, we offer an environment that is pleasant and family centered.

HASA Audiologists Provide the Following Services for Babies and Children:

  • Comprehensive hearing testing, including middle ear testing and cochlear outer hair cell testing
  • Hearing aid evaluation, selection, customization, repair and modifications
  • Advice and sale of hearing aid accessories and batteries
  • Hearing aid dispensing (digital technology from all major manufacturers)
  • Fitting of custom earmolds
  • Custom hearing protection, including musician’s plugs and swim plugs
  • Personal FM systems
  • Cerumen (earwax) removal prior to testing

How do I know if my child is hard of hearing?

You should be concerned if your infant or child:

  • Does not pass the newborn hearing screening or school screening
  • Does not respond when you speak to him/her
  • Is not startled at loud noise
  • Is delayed in developing speech
  • Does not pay attention to music
  • Cannot hear you when you call from another room
  • Wants you to turn up the television or DVD player
  • Does not imitate speech sounds

The audiologists at HASA will conduct a painless, comprehensive hearing assessment and make recommendations if a problem is detected. If an undiagnosed medical condition is suspected, a referral will be made to the appropriate specialist. If a hearing aid is recommended, the audiologist will guide you through the process of obtaining hearing aids and suggest a range of available programs and services for the entire family.

We accept most major insurances, including Medical Assistance.