General Information

Gateway School is committed to ensuring that our learning environment is appropriate to maximize the learning potential of the applicant.

Gateway School accepts a student for admission if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • 5 through 15 years of age or currently enrolled in Kindergarten – Grade 8
  • 5 years of age or older on September 1 if seeking admission to Kindergarten
  • Formal diagnosis or FCI code for one or more of the following primary disabilities: autism, developmental delay, hearing impairment, other health impairment, multiple disabilities, and speech or language impairment
  • Present levels of academic performance: 5 through 15 years, Kindergarten – Grade 8
  • Behavioral characteristics such as tantrums, impulsivity, or non-compliance are secondary to the primary disability
  • Behavioral characteristics that my refuse admission are self-injurious behaviors, aggression towards others, or other serious maladaptive behaviors
  • Cognitive/psychological, educational, and/or speech-language assessments/screenings for the student are available for review

Please note: Gateway School provides a language-based education program and is not appropriate for a student who is diagnosed as emotionally disturbed and/or with a severe intellectual disability.

Admission Process

  1. Education Director reviews referral from the Local School System (LSS), or the application for admission and student records submitted by a parent/guardian.
  2. Education Director schedules a pre-admission phone conference with the parent(s)/guardian.
  3. Education Director and/or some admissions team members will observe applicant in current school placement.
  4. Family and child admissions visit at Gateway: during the visit, the admissions team will conduct observations of the child in the environment and a family interview. Child will shadow in a classroom for at least one full school day, 9:00-2:45 for visiting student.
  5. Gateway’s multi-disciplinary admissions team, which consists of the education director, behavior specialist, occupational therapist, psychologist, speech-language pathologist, and special educator will meet to review the criteria for admission and determine the student’s eligibility for placement in the school.
  6. Student could be asked to return for a second shadow day at Gateway School if admissions team has more questions.
  7. The family and LSS will be informed of the school’s decision in writing.
    1. Student meets criteria: if there is an opening in an appropriate classroom, the parent/guardian and LSS will be informed in writing. An enrollment contract will be forwarded to the parent/guardian or an annual cost sheet will be sent to the Local School System.
    2. If the student does not meet the criteria: the parent/guardian and/or LSS will be informed by writing
    3. An agreed upon start date will be determined.