Sign Language Mini-Lessons and Classes

Customizable mini-lessons can be provided to groups of students who might be interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL) at their own office, community center, or home. Deaf educators can also visit workplaces and schools and provide mini-lessons about Deaf awareness and Deaf culture.

These classes are perfect for workplaces, senior living facilities, community groups, scout troops, churches, and others to use as team building or educational activities.

Class sizes are limited; contact us today at for more information and to schedule your class.

ASL Mini-Lesson packages:

    A one-time workshop – at no charge to you – that provides a basic introduction to American Sign Language. No textbook is required; we provide the materials.
  2. ASL MINI-CLASS, 10 WEEKS | COST: $1,600
    A beginning ASL course that covers ten hours of course material from the Signing Naturally curriculum (Unit 1) and can be scheduled one hour per week for ten weeks. There is some outside of class work expected.
  3. ASL CLASSES, 20 WEEKS | COST: $2,600
    A full ASL class using the Signing Naturally curriculum during 20 hours of instruction.  There is some outside of class work expected. This is a full ASL class, just as you would take if you came to us for classes.

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