Level Up Program

Introducing Level-Up: The Interpreter Program for Advancing Skills!

Are you a working interpreter looking to take your skills to the next level? Whether your goal is to achieve national certification or simply enhance your abilities, our innovative interpreter program, “Level-Up,” is designed to help you succeed.

Program Overview

“Level-Up” is a comprehensive and intensive program specifically tailored for working interpreters who are committed to advancing their skills and professional development. Through a combination of interactive workshops, mentorship, and practical assignments, we provide a supportive and challenging environment that promotes growth and improvement.

Key Program Features

  1. Targeted Skill Development: Our program focuses on specific areas crucial for interpreter growth, such as linguistic accuracy, cultural competency, ethical decision-making, and consecutive and simultaneous interpreting techniques. We offer workshops and training sessions led by industry experts who share their knowledge and provide valuable insights.
  2. Individualized Mentorship: Each participant is paired with a skilled and experienced mentor who provides personalized guidance and support throughout the program. Mentors offer feedback, share best practices, and help identify areas for improvement. They also assist in setting goals and developing a customized plan for success. 
  3. Practical Assignments: To reinforce learning and provide real-world experience, participants engage in practical assignments in various settings, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, legal settings, and community events. These assignments allow participants to apply their newly acquired skills and receive constructive feedback from both mentors and clients. 
  4. Peer Collaboration: Interpreting can be a solitary profession, but in our program, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with peers who share your goals and passion for growth. Group discussions, practice sessions, and networking events foster a supportive community where participants can learn from one another, exchange ideas, and build professional connections. 
  5. Exam Preparation Support: For those pursuing national certification, our program includes dedicated support to help you prepare for the certification exam. We provide resources, practice exams, and guidance on navigating the certification process, ensuring that you feel confident and well-prepared.

Join “Level-Up” and unlock your potential as an interpreter. Whether you’re aiming for national certification or simply striving to become a better professional, our program offers the tools, guidance, and support you need to succeed. Take the next step in your interpreting journey and elevate your skills to new heights.

Ready to enroll?

Enrollment is now open! Email us at interpeting@hasa.org to learn more about “Level-Up” and how to join this transformative interpreter program. Together, let’s advance your skills and make a positive impact in the interpreting profession.