HASA in the Workplace and Schools

HASA is proud of our work in the community. We are a dynamic and nimble organization that is constantly assessing the corporate, nonpublic, and private sectors.

Our mission is to connect people to their worlds-including the world of work. In the past, HASA provided sensory deprivation experiences to executives to help develop a sense of empathy. We have worked with restaurants and customer experience professionals to ensure that dining establishments and businesses are creating policies and procedures that promote communication equity for individuals with hearing loss or autism. We have provided speakers to regional customer experience professional learning events. We are also proud to offer employers in the Baltimore region access to our Hearing Health seminars and hearing screenings, as well as American Sign Language mini-classes in their offices.

In the schools, we are proud to partner with independent schools, child care centers, and other educational institutions to provide hearing screenings, speech and language screenings, and professional development activities related to childhood speech and language milestones. We are also able to provide robust professional development related to fluency using the professional expertise of the staff in our Center for Fluency Enhancement. We have speech-language pathologists who are available to be a part of a school’s special education team as a contractor provider. Contact us for more information if any of the above initiatives are interesting to you. The above are just samples of what the professional team at HASA can provide to your work, school, or community group.