Cultural Awareness Workshops

People attending a cultural awareness workshop learning ASL

HASA’s mission is to connect people to their worlds. Therefore, we are committed deliver programs that meet a broad range of communication needs. Our Cultural Awareness Workshops are ideal for:

  • Conducting inclusive business practices with Deaf or HoH people
  • Studying or traveling with Deaf people
  • Building solid diversity and inclusion workplace policies
  • Comprehensive Human Resources practices

Cultural Awareness Workshops supply training points for current and new employees, clients, students, vendors, etc. After initial intake of your particular needs and wants, our team curates unique content for you. We present a combination of discussions and group activities that provide the ability to discover Deaf culture. Our goal is to deconstruct common stereotypes and deepen your understanding of Deaf people’s experiences. Our workshops offer education to not only to help you effectively communicate in ASL, but also understand the “dos and don’ts” when interacting in the Deaf community.

Some examples of potential workshops include:

Class sizes are limited; contact us today via email at for more information and schedule your workshop.