ASL and Interpreter Workshop Descriptions

Whether you are a professional interpreter, a student, or simply interested in expanding your knowledge, our workshops provide valuable insights and skills to enhance your understanding and practice. Register here.

Workshop Descriptions

Interpreters and the Art of Preparation

  • In this workshop, participants will discuss demands experienced while interpreting and the impact of practical controls of preparation. Presenter: Anna S. Rose. CEUs are not offered for this workshop.

Deaf Culture and What you Need to Know: 

  • In this workshop, we invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and rich world of Deaf culture. This workshop is designed to foster understanding, appreciation, and awareness of the Deaf community and its unique language, history, art, and traditions. Led by experienced facilitators who are passionate about Deaf culture, this interactive workshop offers a dynamic learning experience. Through engaging discussions, hands-on activities, and multimedia presentations, participants will gain valuable insights into the Deaf experience and the challenges faced by the community.

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Customized ASL Classes and Workshops

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