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Employment Opportunities at Gateway

Working at Gateway

Gateway is a healthy, impactful, and relevant nonprofit organization that focuses on education, hearing health, inclusion, language access, and speech & language. Our programs connect people to their worlds and aid individuals in their ability to understand and to be understood. All Gateway programs focus on prevention, intervention, treatment, or advocacy.

Gateway strives to be an employer of choice. We are committed to providing all team members with a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. Our guiding principles of equity, integrity, and compassion shape the recruitment, on-boarding, and talent management process. We are committed to providing all team members with competitive benefits packages, professional development opportunities to create a team consisting of life-long learners, and a modern work environment that values diversity and inclusion.

The 120+ staff members at Gateway come from a variety of backgrounds. Each is dedicated to the idea that the lives of children, adults, and families can be dramatically impacted when they are given improved communication.

Due to the nature of our organization, all new hires will be required to successfully complete a background check through CJIS prior to their start date.