Let’s Talk About Literacy!

Language and literacy develop simultaneously. Children learn from listening and talking which in turn impacts their ability to read and write.

Did you know, children who are identified to have a language impairment in preschool are more likely to have academic difficulties, particularly in reading and writing?

It’s Never Too Early!

By the age of 2, children who are read to regularly display greater language comprehension, larger vocabularies, and higher cognitive skills than their peers. (Raikes et al., 2006)

Early literacy encompasses all of a child’s experiences with the conversation, stories (oral and written), books, and print.

What Are Early Literacy Skills?

Early literacy skills refer to the knowledge that sets the foundation for reading and writing. There are 5 critical skills that need to be developed before a child is ready to start school. 

  1. Conversation (the ability to speak and understand language will help your child understand and explain what he reads later on)
  2. Vocabulary (the larger your child’s vocabulary the easier it will be for your child to read)
  3. Story Comprehension (Understanding the meaning of a story will help your child read and write stories independently)
  4. Print Knowledge (Knowledge of how print works; letters make up words, we read left to right, etc.,  will improve a child’s independence in reading)

Sound Awareness (knowing that letters represent sounds; children with strong sound awareness become better readers and writers)

How Do I Start Building Literacy Skills Now? 

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Nyya Anderson
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