Honoring Transgender Awareness Week 2020


At HASA, we recognize the value of communication and celebrate its many forms and purposes. From sign language to spoken language, facial expressions, pictures and symbols, assistive technology, intonation, fluency, articulation, posture, and gestures, our communication style is tied tightly to our self-identity. This Transgender Awareness Week 2020, we are excited to discuss communication and its role in gender expression and perception.

Transgender Awareness Week is observed each year from November 13-19 and presents the opportunity to raise the visibility of transgender and non-binary individuals and to discuss advocacy and support for this community. This week leads up to Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, a day to honor all transgender people who have lost their lives due to acts of anti-trans violence.

HASA is a proud ally of the transgender community and aims to provide an inclusive and accepting environment for those seeking gender-affirming communication services. These services are provided both in-person and virtually and are advantageous for those who wish to modify their voice and resonance patterns, language use, articulation, and non-verbal communication behaviors to match their gender identity. Through coaching-style therapy, we aim to empower our transgender and non-binary clients to use an individualized and authentic communication style that improves their safety and increases their quality of life.

To learn more, please contact:
Sara F. Semesky, MS Ed, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist; pronouns: she/her/hers
ssemesky@hasa.org; (410) 318-6780, x 184




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